Taylor Swift ‘Excited’ To Show Off New BF Joe Alwyn At Best Friend’s Wedding


Aww! Taylor Swift is extremely ‘happy’ to go to her best friend’s wedding ceremony in Martha’s Vineyard on Sept . 2 , and it is simply because she really wants to get Joe Alwyn as her lover and show him to her close friends.

“Taylor [Swift] is hoping Joe [Alwyn] will be able to get away from the set later this week to attend her friend’s wedding. She is so excited for many of her friends to meet Joe. Taylor and Joe are getting along great and she can’t wait to show off her new boyfriend to her best friends. However, Joe has been busy filming in England and will likely be unable to attend,” a source very close to the singer informs HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY. Hit here to check out the pics from Taylor Swift’s new music video!

Just as we infirmed you earlier, Abigail Anderson will get married on Sept. 2. She is Taylor’s best friend so obviously Taylor is invited to attend the ceremony and she is expected to serve as a bridesmaid. Since their teens, Taylor and Abigail are BFFs and they have experienced almost everything together, like breakups at their high school as well as enjoying the Grammy Awards together, so it was not at all surprising to know that Taylor’s is attending Abigail’s wedding. Our only wish is that Joe takes a few days off from filming his new film, Mary Queen of Scots, so that he attends Abigail’s wedding with Tay. That would be really sweet.

Not just will Taylor get the opportunity to commemorate her BFF’s special day together with her sweetheart, but she and Joe would also commemorate the huge success of her brand new number, “Look What You Made Me Do.” The video recording for the track that dropped at the MTV Video Music Awards on Aug. 27 lately cracked streaming records. Just within a day, the video made more than 37 million views during press time and soon it was so far the most viewed music track within that time period this year. And after it was released on 24th Aug. the lyric video broke a few records too. It is certainly a very good time to be Taylor Swift!

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