‘PLL’ Star Brandon Jones Sentenced To Jail After Pleading No Contest On Assault Charge

This news is confirmed! Ex ‘Pretty Little Liars’ star Brandon Jones is getting a jail term.

It’s official: former ‘Pretty Little Liars’ star Brandon Jones is going to jail! He plead no against his surprising 2016 gun allegation, thus he is moved to the clink. Check out here to know how much time he would spend in jail.

Shocking! Brandon Jones, 29, is going to be spending a while locked up in jail for a gun crime during 2016, the time he supposedly yanked a gun on his neighbor in an argument in Los Angeles. As reported by TMZ, on Aug. 28 he plead not guilty on the count of misdemeanor attack with a gun. The fact is, he was subjected to a term of more than 5 years in prison, but later he was just sentenced to half a year. Lucky man!

Brandon will not be really done paying back his debts to people even when he comes from prison. He has also been sentenced to thirty days of community work along with 26 anger management courses included in his plea contract. Moreover, he would be on probation for the coming 3 years. Hope so this will be an enough of a lesson for him to not wave a gun on anyone if he gets angry in future! Here are the most disgusting moments of PLL.

Brandon got famous after he got recurring role for the show Pretty Little Liars for the first six seasons. On the show, he played the character of Andrew who was often teased to be “A.” He was the classmate of Liars. He was regularly in the entire series till the show took a forward leap of 5 years.  Since then he was never seen on Pretty Little Liars while he started showing on a number of other popular TV programs like The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Big Bang Theory and Doubt. Sad to say, he will have to keep his acting profession on hold till he comes off from the mess.

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