Amber Rose Lets The World Know 21 Savage Is Her Man ‘Forever’ With Diamond ‘Loyalty’ Ring

Amber Rose gifts 21 Savage a diamond ring!

Amber Rose has put a ring on 21 Savage! She is making it noted in an extremely blingy manner in which the rapper is off the market with a diamond ‘loyalty’ band you absolutely need to check out to accept the fact.

Today in the present era, it is definitely not a big deal for a girl to gift a diamond ring to a man before she buys one for herself. Amber Rose, 33, a modern lady, has gifted an amazing diamond ring and ruby commitment band which is extravagantly unique to her boyfriend 21 Savage.  On August 27, the 24 year old rapper flaunted the jewel on his ring finger of rght hand during the VMAs, however, we could see it clearly only after he showed it in his Snapchat video where he is seen holding his ring. On the outer side of the band “21 Loyalty” is inscribed in red rubies that are set amongst plenty of gleaming diamonds and he also showed us what is inscribed on the inside and it reads, “I Love You forever — Amber XXO.” Oh WOW! Isn’t that really too romantic?!?

After Amber’s sad divorce from Wiz Khalifa in 2016, we thought she will never find another guy who would truly love her, but 21 Savage — real name Shayaa Bin Abraham-Joseph is the guy with who she is into a serious relationship since then. Moreover, to show her respect for their romantic relationship, she has even covered Wiz tattoos on her body. The Loveline host was glowing with pleasure when they walked the VMAs red carpet as a pair. She shared countless photos of both of them at the Awards function to her Instagram alongside captions like “Imma pounce on him as soon as we get home,” next to a pic where she is seen kissing 21,  and in other pic he’s put his hands on her butt while she smiles while looking down. She captioned it “It’s all yours baby.” Check out many more pics of Amber and 21 Savage.

The couple had put on their finest duds for the VMAs and the big day seemed like a prom night for the two. Amber did a complete makeover by wearing a beautiful brunette wig having soft waves on her normally bald head, which enhanced her stunning face. Wow! She is absolutely beautiful! The black gown with somewhat vertical panels was body fit that reveal her perfect curves and 21 wore a pure white suit without a shirt under it. Oh wow! They looked a real hot couple together flaunting their glamorous style.

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