Stevie J Heartbroken After Claiming Joseline Hernandez Refuses To Let Him See Daughter

Wow! It seems as though Stevie J has put his progress to halt in his attempts to meet his daughter Bonnie Bella. He says that he is continuously blocked by Joseline Hernandez his baby mama, so he is unable to meet his little girl.

Stevie J is really feeling the pain of getting rejected by ex Joseline Hernandez, 30, as she is not allowing him to their Bonnie Bella, eight-month-old little girl. On 28th August, he shared a sad story on Instagram stating that “Another day where I went to see Bonnie and I wasn’t able to see her. She would’t open the door for me, but she opened the door for Dawn [Heflin]’s niece? Free Bonnie, I’m gonna see you soon, babe. I’m gonna see you real soon.” How painful!  The 45-year-old Love and Hip Hop star sounds really depressed as he is unable to see his youngest child amongst the 6 and he is talking a lot about it recently.

We don’t really notice him on Joseline’s door, like he is conveying us regarding his problem selfie style. Additionally, Joseline claims she has relocated to Miami thus it’s uncertain whether she is having a home in Atlanta where he visited. Until now Stevie has not actually presented us the receipts that Joseline is holding Bonnie Bella from him, however he definitely is moving off about this.

He shared his daughter’s on his Instagram account on Aug. 21 alongside the caption, “Miss you Bonnie.”  On 20th July, Stevie was seen on social media, where he wore a shirt with the terrible message inscribed on the front “Free Bonnie Bella”. He wrote, taking a horrible shot at Joseline, “Stay tuned so I can send these disturbing messages so I show the world how sick and evil the person is.”

Co-parenting was helping out in the early months after Bonnie’s Dec. 2016 arrival. On 19th Jan. Stevie reported EXCLUSIVELY “I’m trying to stay on a positive path with Joseline. We’re co-parenting and I want to keep things as positive as possible. I just want to let the negativity go and make sure everyone is happy.” Sad to say, everything seemed to turn worse than before as now he says that he does not get time with his daughter. He posted a “Free Bonnie Bella” t-shirt to his Instagram on July 5 and added a caption, “FYI- this is not a joke or a game. Gonna go hard for mine until she’s back in my arms.” But the sad fact is that it is almost two months and he is yet trying to meet his little girl.

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