Justin Bieber Cozies Up To Mystery Girl After Nude Photos Resurface On Selena Gomez’s Hacked IG

No hack will cool down Justin Bieber’s game! The celebrity was seen getting closer as well as personal with another girl and, fortunately, you will find photos of their date night.

Justin Bieber, 23, is prowling around. On August 28th, Monday, the “Despacito” singer had been on a date in Los Angeles, California at the best of all the Peppermint Club. His girl for the evening? An unknown brunette, was seen with Justin sitting close to him at the corner table in a rustic venue. In the pictures you can see, Justin with this unknown girl sitting alone at the table with candlelight and clear glasses seen placed before them. The picture that we have shared here shows how Justin leans over the girl and checking out something on her phone. No matter what they are checking out, the girl has a pretty big smile on her face and Justin is quite interested to see it too. How sweet!

Ever since his break up with Selena Gomez, Justin is seen hanging around with this new girl for the first time. It was an ill-fated situation that was disclosed on her Instagram account. With highest number of followers, her account had been hacked and whoever hacked it was keen on using this opportunity instantly against her ex, Justin. The paparazzi pictures were just for a short time period showing Justin completely naked on Selena’s Instagram account alongside a harsh caption calling him “shrimpy.” Luckily, Selena along with her team immediately got hold of the upsetting hack and within no time removed the nude pics of Justin and also disabled the Instagram account temporarily so that there weren’t any further posts. It seems as if Justin is not phased by this hack in anyway, because he was quite involved in the company of his new girlfriend and seems to be enjoying it!

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